Monday, December 19, 2016

♫ "Cold as Ice" ♫...

We've just come through the coldest couple of days that I think we've EVER seen. When the news starts predicting snow and 60 MPH winds I ALMOST think of leaving the mountains... almost.  My big concern was the chickens and having them freeze to death.

The coop is purposely "holey" so there is fresh air.  Since the wind was going to be fierce we decided to cover the south of the coop to keep the wind, and potential snow, out (the winds come up from the south here).  Steve tarped over the south door and vents.  It was probably over tied-down but high winds might've torn the tarp away.

They were snug as bugs in a rug... as far as I could tell.  The tarp made checking on them and getting eggs out very difficult.  We ended up getting the high winds and rain and snow never appeared except for a few pellets during the night.  Two days inside and the girls were wanting out.

They didn't get let out, though, as it was muddy and freezing.  On my way to the coop I walked on crunchy, frozen ground.  It wasn't that way in the garden though.  I confidently walked up to the coop only to slide and do a badly-executed pirouette.  Luckily, I had a post to grab onto.  If I hadn't already had a bad back, that muddy mess certainly would've given me one.  It made the decision for the girls.  No muddy, frozen chickens were going to get sick on my watch.

Their forced confinement was smoothed by a nice breakfast of kale, lettuce, scrambled eggs and sunflower kernels.  They're happy in this pic but I was getting the evil eye when the meal was over.

They also got a treat inside the coop.  I put in another layer of straw to snuggle down into AND sprinkled seeds around for scratching fun.  I do hope it dries out soon and they can run free.

The high winds did what I thought Mother Nature had been slack doing... all the leaves on the blueberry plants are finally off.  They should be safe in their pen for the winter, that is, if I can get Steve to cover a few openings around the gate.  I'm afraid they'll look awfully good to the rabbits later on.

Hoping this is the last of this type of storm for the winter.  Grumpy hens and hubby need running around the place free to be happy...

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