Monday, December 26, 2016

Down, and back... likitty splat.. (Huh?!),..

After a fast Christmas turnaround, we are back on the homestead.  We left Saturday morning before the snow arrived and got back Sunday night after the snow came and was dealt with.  We lucked out with safe and clear roads. Couldn't have done it better if we'd planned it... well, we sorta did.

This morning the homestead was looking beautiful... and cold.  Five inches seem to have fallen.  It was 3 degrees when we got up.  We'd have stayed inside but the chickens were calling.

Steve pulled snow down off the roof while I got them their breakfast.  Found out they'd gone through all of their food in just the day-and-a-half.  Must've been eating to keep warm... like I tell myself I'm doing sometimes...

Kale, eggs, seeds and bread today.  Then, it was dig for eggs. There were 5 but only the one in the nesting box was visible.  Did a lot of raking to find the others.

I thought it funny that they didn't seem to like the snow at first and hugged the areas free of it.  Later, they were all over.

Raked snow away from the walls of the coop and run.  The straw inside the coop was damp and there must've been standing snow in the run earlier.  I filled the coop with fresh straw and Steve...

... and Ziva filled the run to help it dry.  Hopefully no more wet seeps under the house.  Ziva did some snacking (YUCK!), though I think she thought she was helping with the work.

Nothing else being done today.  It'll take a lot of recuperating before we get going again.  Christmas and traveling sure takes it out of you...

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