Thursday, December 15, 2016

Getting back into the swing of things.....

I find it amazing how long it still takes to acclimate to the 6700' elevation of our mountains.  It still takes days to feel like yourself and have any gumption to do anything.  We are finally past that point and moving along...

I got Steve to dig out the Brussels Sprouts stems and we found the hidden carrots.  Hidden because the girls had eaten the tops and I wasn't sure where they were.  A few were broken getting them out, but they'll be good in a salad. 

I worked on the strawberry bed, just mainly adding a little water.  I moved a few hoops around to rake under them.  The girls had thrown straw all over... and they'll do it again.  Things are a bit tidier, but probably not for long.

I got a carton of hardboiled eggs done.  Steve seems to eat a lot of them.  The eggs still sit on their roller-coaster track on the counter when brought into the house, but they all get a good scrubbing with soap before being used. The picture is just showing the process.  Scrub them, rinse them, place them into a pan of water.  Wonder how long this 12 pack will last?

Had our own butternut squash for dinner along with Daddy's Favorite Casserole. I capitalized that because it was truly named that by my mom. Hamburger, onions, macaroni, cheese, cream of mushroom soup, milk, salt and pepper.  Come to think of it, I don't remember onions in the version I had when a kid, but they're there now 'cause I love onions as an adult.  Seems Steve likes it too.

This is Steve's plate.  I don't eat that much anymore.  Should be thinner, but it's not to be.  When we were in the valley we had our yearly Dr's appoint-ments.  I had lost weight and Steve had gained.  The doc said I was "good" and he was "bad" but I know we both should lose some.

This week we'll be putting up some more boards inside and a couple motion detector lights outside.  The place had better be thankful...  

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