Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ahhh, NUTS to hazelnuts....

I belong to the Arbor Day Foundation and just received a notice that I could get hazelnut trees/bushes from them.  That sounded like a great thing.  

I hit the internet to see if they would survive up here, were easy to grow and didn't require a bunch of care.  Then, what were their downfalls.  Did they make a mess, were they poisonous to kids and animals and did it take FOREVER to get nuts to eat?   I was getting more excited about them as they seemed like perfect plants to get.  Then, a neighbor said he thought they were illegal in Arizona?  What?!  

So, I asked the Arbor Day people and yes, they can't send them here. Depression.  Deflated.  Down in the dumps.  WHY?!  I haven't found the reason for that designation... yet.  But I WILL.

Out doing work in the garden and still falling all over the place.  I guess me and snow are not meant to be, at least when it's over 2 feet. Steve has helped by digging some of it out and making access better, but I still fight my way everywhere.

The snow on the coop and shed is slowly sliding off so I need to keep looking up so as not be surprised by a bunch down my jacket.

The wind is something, too.  The snow slide on the east side of the coop cover is elegant.  The icicles it's made are beautiful but I don't think they'll be here tomorrow.

(Heidi, stop reading)  

Got a chicken ready for the Crock Pot.  It'd been thawing overnight and today it is the center of our meal.  Here, it's drying off so I can coat it in butter and spices.  After tucking it into the pot (on a ring of foil) for 6 hours... 

... Mmmm...

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