Monday, February 20, 2017

President's Day... 2017...

It's a beautiful day today, especially since we've had such different types of weather in the last few days.  The forecasted rain and snow did show up, but not in the quantities we'd expected.  Now, the sun is back and we're outside enjoying it.

AND by "we" I mean the grandkids with their parent's.  They came from the warm valley so our temps did make them pause before heading outside. 

The grandkids were able to make a snowman, of sorts, but there wasn't really enough snow to have a pristine little guy.  What snow there was around was gathered, but I think he was more mud than snow.  He lasted through one day.    

Our son finally got his dad moving on the kitchen wooden wall.  He'd stalled on it since Thanksgiving?  Anyway, they got the pine up and here Steve's mugging for the camera while he's pounding the second-to-last board up.

They started putting the cabinets together so I MIGHT get my pantry back soon. It'll sure help with getting all the stuff scattered all over the living room and office floors corralled into one place again.  I can't find much of what I need each day to cook.

The seeds under the grow lights have taken off, especially the pumpkins. They'll need transplanting into cups before long.  These were fresh seeds, so they're doing much better than those from last years packets.

I'd ordered more heat pads and another light stand so I'll be getting them up and more seedlings going soon.  They're doing so well that I hope they don't outgrow their pots before they can be put outside.

The girls were stuck inside during the rain and snow, but they got sprouted seeds, carrots and eggs.  I don't think they missed much.

We hope everyone who celebrates President's Day has as gooda one as us...

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