Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day...(almost)

Hope everyone is in for some celebrating on the holiday tomorrow.  I've found it's always fun to be Irish, especially on that day.  Don't over-do it....

Got our DNA results in and we have discovered a few interesting traits...


... like where did all MY maternal German go?  We seem to have come from Mennonites who probably immigrated from Scandinavia to Western Russia, then down through Germany.  I see where that might've happened.  Some of my mom's relatives have traced her line back to 800 AD Greece.  The ancestors then came to America and my line mostly settled in Pennsylvania and Missouri.

I knew about my paternal Irish/Scandinavian heritage, but it was very interesting to see the percentage.  My line did spend time in France, so the Iberian Peninsula fits in, too.   I've still got some research to do to figure out where the Middle Eastern (yes, less than 1%) link comes in.


Steve's line was probably the bigger surprise.  He has a strong German last name and, it seems, barely any German in him.  Four percent seemed very small to us.  His grandparents on the maternal side were almost totally Scandinavian so that line makes perfect sense there.  I'll be teasing him about that <1% Irish.  Now, the Spanish/French connection will need researching. 

All in all, good Christmas presents from each of us, to the other.

This last week has been warm and it was time to open up the coop.  I'm still not forgetting that we get cold surprises through April, so I've just rolled up the tarps and bungeed them out of the way until I'm sure Spring is here.  I'll leave the window insulation up as the nights are still cold.  The girls are out most for most the day now and are laying eggs much earlier. 

While checking the garden I found that the bee house finally dried out enough to crack and fall.  There weren't any bees, or evidence of bees, in it so that was a waste of money.  I guess all the bees up here have a home already and didn't need an extra one.  

Still, wish I could help them more.  The destruction of bee colonies is a bad thing for everyone who eats.  I'm planning on scattering wildflower seeds around the property this year and hope that some will actually grow.

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