Thursday, March 9, 2017

It's a hairy situation...

There was this lady at work (she's since retired, too) and I was envious of her hair.  Long and thick; everything mine wasn't.  Wasn't I say, because I suddenly have long and thick hair.  The secret was... going gray.  Who knew! 

Used to be I couldn't get a barrett to stay in; not even a rubber-band. Now, long and thick.  So long and thick that I start to hate it being in the way and finally chop it off.  I guess we always want what we don't have.

She moved up here to the mountains, also, and I'm wondering what she's going to plant... or not plant.  She probably needs some down time before deciding. Heard her husband planted fruit trees so I may go over for lessons.

This is how exciting Ziva thinks everything is around here.  I was out checking on the chickens and the blueberry bed and turned around to see her snoozing in the sun.  I can't blame her as it was 72 degrees (wow) and nice out.  It has dried-out in the garden and the hens dug dust baths and they were snoozing, too.

My acorn squash have filled their planting tray so they are being moved into cups to get bigger.  Probably time to get the watermelon seeds into dirt.

Still not having much luck with the broccoli seeds.  Four sickly-looking sprouts came up out of the ten seeds.  I'd love to just plant seeds in the garden and let them grow that way, but the season isn't long enough.  Still, I may just try it anyway. 

The growing light station is filling up quickly and I hope I don't run out of room. It seems to be in the perfect place and the seeds/plants are getting plenty of daytime sun and grow-lit nights.  Thinking that the living room is finally being used to it's full potential.

Last night I dug through the jars in the pantry and decided I should use up some pasta sauce.  I canned this 2 years ago and keep forgetting about it. Decided on chicken parmesan.  

It turned out rather well.  Steve said to make it again, so that's a win.  I noticed a lot of zucchini still in jars so now I think I'll thaw a chuck roast for stew and add some in... and maybe a jar of green beans...

... the life of a farmer... as exciting as all get out...

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