Monday, March 6, 2017

March, in like a lion... out like a ?......

That lion has definitely shown up.  Winds are hitting howling levels and it's something to hear while sitting inside the house.  So strong that Steve can't keep the ladder up at the dish.  Strange, but at night it gives me a secure feeling.  The winds howl but I feel even safer and cozier inside, while wrapped in my furry sheets. Yeah, I know... strange.  

Wondering what'll show for the end of the month... lamb?... ram?... sheep?... mutton?........ crazed dragon?  I'd prefer something calm and sweet.

... picked up the 5 ton again.  Here it's leaving it's prison...

... and the final turn to home...

Saturday, Steve heard crunching in the living room (the repository for everything that came out of the old pantry) and found Ziva munching on an acorn squash.   Never thought she'd just eat one so I was remiss in getting them off the floor sooner.  Everything I think remotely edible has been moved. May work, or not, as her list of what she considers edible is definitely different than mine.

Rain subsided over the weekend so the girls were out more.  I did get around to cooking a few more of the squash left from summer and I've worked some into their treats.  I've quit sprouting barley seed as it seems to go slimy, unlike the wheatgrass, so they're getting barley seeds in the bowls, too. Copper was trying to eat my shoe here, but otherwise they seem happy with their grub.

The rest of the skins and other compostable materials were worked into the compost pile and the girls happily spent their warmer days digging up a storm.

Today's task was soaking green bean seeds and planting tomato seeds.  To-morrow I will plant a few more Brussel's Sprouts as the last bunch did not come up.  I may try the "pre-sprouting seed" method to check on the "sproutability" of last years seeds.  I'm ready to try anything at this point.

Plants will go out, on-or-about, May 1st.  With our short growing season they'll need all the time they can get.  Now, they just need to HURRY UP AND SPROUT. I don't have all the time in the world...

... well, growing-wise.  Being retired I do have all the time in the world for other stuff, just NOT this... Ha!

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