Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring 2017 has arrived... YEA!....

Spring has sprung and the homestead has woken up.  We're averaging 78-80 degrees lately, but do have a chance of rain on Wednesday.  Buds on the aspen trees and the blueberry plants are swollen.  Been watering them to get them refreshed and ready to open.  

The blueberries have received their first dose of acidic fertilizer and I'm scrounging-up more dead pine needles to mulch them with.  I've got to read-up on pruning them.  I believe it's in Fall, but they've got some crossing and dead branches inside the plants that look in need of help.

I'm going to have to buy mulch and manure for the garden beds this year. We just didn't produce enough compost for all of them.  Over the weekend it was time to fix the slow leak of compost out of the pile, which the chickens were responsible for.

The large holes in the range fence made it easy for the hens to chuck compost through it and even that miniscule amount was irritating to me.  Steve cut leftover rabbit fencing to line the back fence.  

He's doing a final fitting here.  We dug a furrow along the back and the piece was set and wired into place.

While doing the work, he became very interesting to the girls who became a nuisance to work around.  

After we were done they couldn't wait to get in there and try out throwing dirt around.  The new barrier did a pretty good job, too.  The furrow was checked out intensely.  I guess they thought there was something edible down there. Maybe they were correct?

Today, Steve started working on new potato bins for the garden.  They are going to be slightly smaller in diameter and in two parts, so I can reach inside to plant.  Then we'll make an add-on hoops that can be attached to add more dirt when the plants get higher.  

I'm doing away with the straw lining like before.  A waste of straw and messy. I'm thinking of an outside barrier of plastic sheeting or bubble wrap that can be reused many years.  Just unwrap the bins and remove hoops to harvest. 

I guess Fall will prove it a good idea... or not...

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