Thursday, March 2, 2017

Taxes and snow... habitual pains?...

We received our taxes back and it looks like we won't be doing anything for one-and-one-half months while we save for the amount due.  I'm hoping this new President does something about the amount of taxes dumped on people who take money out of their retirement accounts.  Wow!


Over the holidays I had a plain brown package surreptitiously handed off to me.  Ha!  Actually, my mom gave me a brown bag she said had genealogy stuff in it.  It turned out to have some OK stuff, but it also had some GREAT stuff.  I'm scanning and copying and most will go onto my Ancestry* tree.  

As I've said somewhere on here before, I've lost family info 3 times when my computers died.  I'll never get everything back and reconstructing it will probably never get done.  I now keep everything on Ancestry to keep it from being lost.  I sometimes cry over what I've lost, so it's not happening again.  I find the fee acceptable so nothing gets lost. 
                           If it does, well, they'd better find it for me!


We're between snows so things are at the muddy stage around the homestead.

I'm letting the girls out but they have to waddle through the muck.  I'm still in wonder that they are warm underneath those feathers.  And, what keeps their feet from freezing?  The winds are still pretty strong so I leave the greenhouse door open if they need warmth.  They never seem to go in, though.  I thought they spent most of the day in the compost pile... until I saw...

... what they've done to my strawberry bed.  Should'a thought to check on it, but I never saw them up there.  It's my fault for not getting all of the plants under the hoop, but they seemed safe under straw and plastic.  NOT! Something for my checklist for next year.

Thought I'd take a shot of our lifeline-saving infrastructure.  Well, it's more of our sanity-saving infrastructure.  The black bag hasn't done it's job of keeping the media dish cleared of the snows we've been getting.  Don't know what's different this year as it's worked like a dream the years before.

Steve keeps it cleared when the signal is lost.  He and Ziva head out, amongst some choice words from him, and he gets the signal back.  I think his record for a day is 5 trips.  Maybe the trips'll be over for a while?  Clearing is promised for several days.


Steve's looking forward to tomorrow and slightly dancing around the garage. We're picking up his "baby" from the shop, again.  I guess it's akin to Christmas for him.   I just hope that all repairs are done and it stays healthy for many years.  Fingers crossed.....

*“I have not received, nor expect to receive, any compensation for items mentioned in the blog that I like, or may suggest to the viewers.  The items are just something that works/worked for me.  The Irish Lady.”

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