Thursday, March 23, 2017

Things are starting to grow already...

Steve, after building the potato bins...

More scratches... that rabbit fencing is dangerous...

It's been warm enough during the days that I decided to see how the strawberry plants were doing.  There was still some moisture beading up on the underside of the plastic, so I knew they hadn't dried out.

Surprised by more than one plant peeking through.  The plants had been cut to the ground last Fall, so I can't wait to see how far along they are in a few days. I guess they are ready and raring to go.  I'm waiting until it's a bit warmer at night before clearing the straw away.  

I added a bit of water underneath the straw so it's not wet and no mildew starts.  They'll get sprinkled with snow tonight too, so didn't want too much water on the straw.  Truth be told, there's more than a chance that mildew is already under the straw as it happened last year.  

The girls are still getting the sprouted wheat grass daily as nothing is growing around the garden that they can get themselves.   They are also getting cabbage this week.

We really need to get started on putting the tulle on the hoops.  We let that slide long enough.  I have plenty of cool season plants that are overflowing the sprouting table.

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