Monday, March 27, 2017

What a HET of a time....

Made another trip to the valley to pick up my X-rays and for the kids, grand-kids and friends to go to the military vehicle show with Steve.  

The trip down was something!  It was snowing as we left.  We hit hail a couple miles down the road.  A few more and we were in high-speed rain.  Going down the rim we were in fog so dense that we were creeping along at 10 MPH.  By Payson, we'd hit the motherlode of rain.  Maxed-out the speed of the windshield wipers and still couldn't see.  Then, 96 degrees in the valley.  It's always amazing to me all the types of weather you can go through in just 1 day in Arizona.

Steve's attempts at photography didn't go very well.   I must get him to practise more.  This one of the son and grandkids was pretty good.  They were all perky here... BEFORE the heat got to them.

Steve probably went immediately to the HET he wants to buy  (Yeah, right!). The grandgirls had their pictures taken on it.  I think Steve thought I'd love the picture SO much that he could buy it.  Ha!

Loved this closeup.  They were lathered with sunscreen and had hats, so only our son got the sunburn. 

I stayed home with Ziva.  She'd had her yearly dentist visit to check on her titanium cap.  They found a dead tooth, probably caused by trauma.  She does chew on things she shouldn't and runs full speed through trees and brush.  We were told no more bones, antlers (?), hooves, trees, rocks, etc. Anyway, it needed to come out (middle, bottom row).  That involved anesthesia.  So, she laid staring at the floor for a day.  She great now and seems fine, although she HATED having this picture taken.

Hopefully, we don't need anymore trips for a while.  One of the two new water-walls I put around two Douglas firs collapsed on one side causing the thing to bring down the tree-ling.  Luckily, I see no damage and it sprung back up when freed.  I hope my new order gets here quickly.  

I also need to get one garden bed hoop ready soon as I'm about out of time on transplanting the squash.  And watermelons.  And broccoli...

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