Thursday, April 20, 2017

4... 2... buckle my shoe...

This week we finally had hummingbirds show up.  I was beginning to wonder what was happening to delay them as they usually show up by April 1st. Maybe there were more flowers out this year and that delayed their travels?   They do come up from Mexico and southern Arizona, so meandering to enjoy the flowers seemed a possibility.  Anyway, we have two here and they've each appropriated a feeder as its own territory and it seems we have two guys as the aerial fighting is in full swing.

Blue birds have occupied nearly every bird box we have.  They seem to have taken all the wood-colored houses first.  The brightly painted ones the grandkids painted are slowly filling up.  I've only seen one box with Pygmy Nuthatches setting up house.

Our hens are defying nature.  They all laid eggs through the winter which is not ordinary.  Now that it's warm, someone is letting me down as I'm only finding 5 eggs a day.  It's one of the black sex-link girls as the missing egg would be a cream one.  If they aren't destroying stuff, they're holding out on me.  Hens!

We had our 42nd wedding anniversary yesterday.  It kinda seems like our 100th since I've known him FOREVER, but no, it's only 42.  I have to say that I'm so glad I married a farmer's kid as he's been the backbone of this homestead operation.  He inherited a strong back and disposition, but it works.  He's the yin to my yang.  I plan and he brings to fruition. 

... he's raising the guide wires over the beds for me...

... turning compost and manure into the troughs...

I told him I didn't want anything after all he's done, so he decided on just a nice dinner out some time later. He's been under the weather for a few days, so maybe I did wear him out with the spring work?  He's lost his voice so I can't tell if he's swearing about all the work the garden still needs.  Ha!

In talking with him while out and about, he stated his wish that we not replace the hens we have now (when it's their turn to go) so we can travel a bit. Sounded like a plan to me even though that's probably 4 years away.  I'd love to travel the country and see interesting things in every state.  I wouldn't mind time off from the garden either.

... she was probably an inch and a half long...

These bee-type insects have shown up this week, too.  It looks like there's a swarm of drones and a queen.  They really love the space between the garden beds making me nervous, though they don't seem like stingers.  They ignore me, but I'm afraid of them.  She seemed to want to burrow into the dirt in the garden (are there ground dwelling bees?) so I used a shovel to move her outside the garden.  I definitely DON'T want a bee hive in my garden.

The rest of the day the drones kept searching for her.  I thought sure they'd seen me move her.  Then I felt bad that maybe she'd die alone and they wouldn't find her.  I'd hate that.  There aren't enough bees in the world. There were a bunch back today, so either it's her or another queen has shown up.

I tried finding out what they are on the internet, but nothing matched the pattern on her.  If anyone knows what they are, please let me know.

Hopefully we're back to work on the garden soon... and by "we" I mean Steve.  Letting him sleep and eat and "veg" will make him well, I hope...

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