Thursday, April 13, 2017

Contracting without a license...

We've been working in other areas of the property these last few days.  So, other than letting the chickens out and putting them away, we hadn't really checked the garden.

Imagine my surprise when contractor's had moved in and had begun a condo right under a raised bed.  Steve tried to fill it with water but it never filled and all we heard was a hollow emptiness.  A shovel handle went in almost the whole length. Not sure what made this such a great place for a house, but it'd be pretty damp from the garden runoff.  Our next job was to cancel the project.

We filled the hole with rocks.   Many... many... rocks.  It took four trips to finally fill the hole.  Hopefully, nobody had moved in.

The potato bins were finally started... yes, I'm late.  They are smaller in diameter and made of rabbit fence.  I wrapped them in plastic bubble wrap. I'll add more when the dirt reaches the top of this course.  I hope to reuse the wrap for a few years to get my moneys worth.  The straw lining last year was too messy and seemed wasteful to me. 

I bought red potato starts for one bin and I'm using my own potatoes from last year for the other two.  I mixed acidic fertilizer with the soil to get them off to a good start.  

So, they are watered and ready to start growing... I hope.  Maybe the plastic will act a wind break and greenhouse to get them through the cold nights we're still having.

Ran to the store and bought the extra fencing we'll need to keep the hens at bay. That is probably the next major job to get done as I'll need to plant soon.

And speaking of the planting, I'm getting ready for that now.  I've got a good supply of ground eggshells for the plants going in.  A handful in each hole helps the plants get going, especially with tomatoes.  

Can't say I don't have enough shells around here.   The girls get some in their food, the compost pile gets its share and now the plants will get theirs.   
It's a nice circle of life on the homestead...

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