Monday, April 3, 2017

Post April Fool's.... no foolish pranks...

April Fool's Day was uneventful around here. Nobody pulled any jokes on anyone.  Of course, this was after me reminding Steve that if he tried some-thing... well, he has to sleep sometime!  

He's always been the king of pranks, with some being over-the-top and I never want to live through some of them again.  He's pranked me with my car being stolen. That he's in the hospital... to which I said if he wasn't when I got there, he would be.  Too many pranks to bring up here.  Anyway, he was good this year.

With the 1st of April arriving, the hummingbird feeders went out.  This year Steve is trying ant shields as they are a constant problem in the feeders.  I thought them a little expensive, but he cleans them so he gets to decide.  

Now, if they come up with something that keeps the birds from drinking from them I'll be impressed.

I still need to get out and get the hoops ready to cover the raised beds.  I'm finding the squirrels are hiding their hoards in the beds already.  Yes, I'm lazy and just haven't gotten going on it.  I noticed the holes but it didn't even register that they were from squirrels and not the girls.  That is... 

... until sprouts started coming up after the recent snows had melted. The girls made short work of them, but it was another reminder to get busy on the hoops.

Will the work never cease?

I keep thinking I'll uncover the strawberry plants, but I procrastinate.  I remind myself that the freezes are still showing up, so they're still covered. But not by much.  They are determined to get to the sun.

Over the weekend we did get to the garden store and buy the steer manure mulch for the beds.  We're not putting it out until I can quarantine the beds from the girls... and Ziva.  The girls would scatter it everywhere and Ziva would eat it.  YUCK!

Speaking of eating... this weekend I tried a new alfredo recipe I saw on the HGTV* channel... "The Kitchen."  I love alfredo sauce but it seemed too intimidating to try.  Sunny gave a great ratio recipe that I could retain.  One clove garlic, 2 cups half-n-half and 3 cups parmesan cheese.  I dug out my own frozen broccoli from last season and made it.  Steve has requested it again, so I'll be forever grateful this recipe.

This next week we work on cages for the Douglas Firs and hopefully get started on the regular garden hoops.  Wish us luck!...

*“I have not received, nor expect to receive, any compensation for items mentioned in the blog that I like, or may suggest to the viewers.  The items are just something that works/worked for me.  The Irish Lady.”

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