Monday, May 22, 2017

"Cold" time in the ol' town tonight....

Things HAD been going smoothly, well as smoothly as gardening in the mountains usually goes.  NOT!  Still, I'd gotten most seeds in and was still planning a few more improvements.  Steve got the "T" posts in around the small bed and that bed was mostly done.

Now, I'd just wait for the tomato plants to get big enough to add cages around them and top it off with the bird netting "fence" to keep the chickens out.

Not too happy on Saturday to walk out and see two of the tomatoes dead. Temps were only to be around 45 at night, but we seemed to be in a pocket of freezing.  So, the black and yellow tomatoes must've hated the cold more than the red one that made it through.  I guess my guardian frog wasn't good luck for this bed?  Still, this necessitated a shopping trip for replacements.

We came back with two new plants but didn't get a black heirloom as none were found.  Got two yellow heirlooms.  Instituted cloth coverings to give them a fighting chance.

The squash were also looking droopy and a few leaves were lost there, too. Pulled out the hoop plastic to keep them covered for a while.  I called it when I said the watermelons weren't going to make it... and I was correct.  All dead!

The pumpkin seeds hadn't shown anything yet.  Until they do, I'm not covering that bed.  Behind the troughs, the broccoli and Brussels sprouts beds have taken off. Not my sprouts, but the ones I bought.  My little guys look pathetic, but they are still alive.  Maybe they'll be a second harvest in the Fall?

Planted other new buys, like green beans.  There wasn't much of a selection at the local store but they did have green and wax beans.  Since NOT ONE of my second seeding of green beans came up, I decided to take this shortcut.  

Note to self:  don't bother with pre-sprouting seeds in the living room again. OK, that won't last.  I'll sprout squash and pumpkins, but not so early.  They usually do well when transplanted.  They didn't THIS year because they peaked too early.  I'm am learning.  Maybe try broccoli again... maybe.

I stopped procrastinating on the potato bins and added the next layer of soil and fertilizer to them.  I was going to add the straw back but decided to just take it out and see how they do with watering twice a week.  

Put the straw into the garden wagon and later noticed the girls having a hayday removing it from the wagon.

The Northland blueberry bushes have bloomed before the Patriot.  There wasn't a race, but they must be Type A plants.  One thing this does tell me is to get some sort of covering ready soon.  Those Rose Chafer beetles will NOT dine on my blueberries this year.  You can take that to the bank... the FOOD bank.  

Ha!  There won't be any left when we're done eating them, but it was a nice thought...

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