Monday, May 8, 2017

"Happy Birthday to you... you live in a zoo..."

... you look like a monkey... and you act like one, too"... 

Yes, it's not often my birthday falls on blog day, so I just had to sing about the zoo I live in.  Only a few animals in my zoo... chickens... Ziva... the hated squirrels... Steve, if we're being nutty.  But, it's my zoo, so I'm happy.  

Started the birthday celebrations last night with dinner at our favorite (and only) Mexican restaurant up here.   We love their fajitas so those, and a Margarita, set the tone for the night.

Today, the chickens got in on the celebration with a sundae made just for them. I mixed leftover fajita veggies with eggs, lettuce and tomatoes and served it up in a nuked pumpkin half.  You'd'a thought they'd died and gone to heaven.  Only one more pumpkin left from last season.  They better be glad I like celebrating with them. 

Today, I finished up planting green beans, lettuce, onions, basil, thyme, parsley, zucchini and marigolds into the second raised bed.  Hopefully, everything makes it.

In the small bed, along with the self-renewing oregano, I've planted 3 tomatoes and marigolds.  I broke my promise to myself to just plant two tomato plants.  I'm considering them an early present to ME!

After 8 plants last year with only 2 tomatoes to show for it, I'd decided I would only give 2 plants a try.  Then, the local nursery had heirloom tomatoes. So, I buckled.   I have a round red slicing tomato, a yellow/orange and a black. Hope they make it and we have lovely tomatoes all summer. 

The upper beds have their broccoli and Brussels Sprouts planted along with a marigold each.  I've covered them with temporary tulle netting until they get a little bigger, or the squirrels figure out what's there.  Will need to wrap the whole shebang in bird netting then.

I headed in early when it decided to rain... on my parade...

... my BIRTHDAY parade...

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