Monday, May 15, 2017

Post Mother's Day pounds?....

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  I was spoiled by the boys and Steve.  Chocolates, cards and flowers.  Donuts and luncheon.  WOW!  It'll definitely take me months to get the new pounds off.  Ha! 
Actually, the holiday lasted until after breakfast today.  We went out for rib eye and shrimp for the main meal yesterday and there was no way I could finish the steak.  So, today it became a great breakfast...
... mixed into scrambled eggs with tomatoes and hot sauce.  Mmmm.  Now, I have chocolates to eat (and share) and flowers to brighten my kitchen.  Love my boys... (yes, Steve is one of them).  The "girls" also got into the celebra-tion as they received leftover potato in their treat.  Everyone celebrated, believe me.

The garden is still a work in progress but it's almost done.  My part anyway... the plants will have to do their own things for awhile.

The troughs have had pumpkins, butternut, acorn and watermelon planted into them.  The pumpkins are looking bad, so I also added seeds to see what happens.  The watermelons are following suit.  I made sure not to handle the roots, but they don't look like they'll be there next week.

Here is where I must remember NOT to start them so far in advance EVER again.  Planning ahead is good for work and vacations, but not when OCD gets me to start plants early.  They peaked before it was warm enough to put them out.  So, next year nothing starts before mid-March.

Steve helped me get the bird netting over the upper beds because I saw a squirrel there and that made it a necessity.  The winds have been terrible and I did a lot of swearing before getting his help.  Netting was hooked on everything but what it needed to be hooked on... buttons... straw hat... fence... blocks... poles... EVERYTHING.

I try to reuse everything garden related, so we had to piece the netting together for this bed, hence all the clothespins.  It looks like they're floating in air, but there is netting there. 

Steve said he didn't like all the soil slipping going on there so I'm getting railroad ties as steps/dams to make my footing safer.  He's measuring here to see how many we'll need.  I have to say that they will be nice additions as I've had to save myself several times by grabbing the posts to keep from falling.

Red is looking a little startled here because I caught her trying to eat the parsley through the hoops.  She really had a look of... "WHAT?"...

So, most things are planted and now we just wait.  Going to have Steve add "T" posts to the small tomato bed as the hoop will be too short when they get going.  I'll put the tomato cages up when they get a little farther along.    

A second planting of carrot seeds go in next week, then more lettuce.  Maybe I'll hit the local nursery for replacement watermelons, if any are available.

Now, I think I hear chocolate calling me...

... sigh....

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