Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Roger, out!"...

My post on the 18th showed I was sometimes worried about Steve.  He's now doing something that makes it almost certain that I'll be worried for a while more.  He's taken to calling Ziva "Roger."  

It's... "come on, Roger"... "what're you doing, Roger"... "Roger, let's go for a walk"...  I have no idea why this is happening but, you see my dilemma?   Have him checked?   Cold compress to the head?   Start calling him Shirley? 

Hey, as long as he's the brawn behind my brains, I'm happy.  I wonder what Ziva is thinking of her new name, though...

The last few days he's been very helpful in getting the railroad ties into the garden to help me keep my footing.  He took the 5 ton out to the hardware store up here to buy the ties and transport them home.  They were so heavy that getting them out of the tall bed was a feat. 

Then, transporting them to the garden took some planning.  My garden wagon as been a lifesaver more than once.

Here he's making the holes for the rebar.  Many of the ties still had cut-off railroad spikes in them so he had to move hole placement more than once.

Here he's digging the bank back to set them into the dirt.  The girls found this highly entertaining.  They found out that there was also some greenery in the dirt he was throwing near the fence so they were getting fed, too.

This area required ties two deep to shore up the dirt.  The rest of the area will get ties later.  I made the mistake of stepping on them, thinking they were firm. Nope!  After a series of unplanned dance moves and grabbing a post for support, I learned.  No walking on them until the dirt is filled in and more rebar is installed.  The area is looking good, though.

We were trying to get things done before the 4th of July holiday weekend. Not sure who're coming up as the holiday parade has been cancelled.  It seems the Sheriff's office and Department of Public Safety are stretched thin this year and can't help with the traffic.  The Chamber of Commerce couldn't get backup anywhere.  Steve's in mourning.  What to do now?  Hoping something can be worked out, but otherwise no truck in parade and no grandkids shooting water cannons at anybody.

Last night I did dinner a little differently to cheer us up.  We had de-constructed tacos.  Meat, cheese, beans, tomatoes, green onions and sour cream in one bowl... queso blanco in the other.  Served it with tortilla chips. It turned out to be pretty good. Steve liked it and I got rid of some leftover chips.  

... looking at the picture I'm finding I'm seeing a bird with a bloodshot eye staring back at me.  Nah, must just be a crazy thought...

.... right, Roger?...

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