Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Spruce-ing" up the place....

Now that the 1st of May came and went, it was finally time to get the blue spruce seedlings out of the refrigerator, and planted.  It turned out to be the best time to plant after working this out with the Douglas firs.   

Speaking of the firs, we've had a setback with 2 of them.  They had made it through the winter and were greening up... then 2 went kaput.  I'm going to nurse them for a while and see if they sprout any side stems I can work with.

Loaded the wagon and headed out to plant spruce along the front of the house.  Steve made short work of the hole digging.

They were put in and had their new protective walls set up.   This new wall is a creamier blue plastic and seems thicker.  They are cut a little differently, too.  I hope they stand up to the reviews I read.

We put seven along the house and the extra three went down the back driveway.  Now, I guess we just wait to see how the new little trees do, since we lost all of the last bunch.

While topping off the water in the new walls, I went to add some to this fir. The wall was collapsing on one side.  It turned out to be a lost cause, but I did notice this when approaching.  Two little House finches had drowned.  I know they were trying to drink, but I'm sad that I've found so many birds in these walls.  

We keep water all around the property for Ziva and birds.  I just wish they all knew that.  I also wish there was a way to stop this from happening again.

We had visitors for a few days and I didn't need to do any cooking.  Everyone just wanted to eat out.  Tonight I got back into the swing of it and tried my hand at asparagus.  Since I probably won't be growing any myself (everyone was into talking me out of it), I bought some instead.  

Did some chicken and roasted the veggies with oil, garlic and Parmesan. Wow, did it turn out well.  Now, I'm torn.  I'd love to grow it and have a steady supply for 20+ years.  I'd also have to do a lot of work (Steve, too) to get the beds made, filled and protected from the animals up here.  

Still weighing my options. Maybe just buying asparagus is the way to go?....

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