Thursday, May 4, 2017

You say potāto, then I say potăto... then I yell "get away from them"...

It was just another week in the Spring garden.  Meaning... lots of work trying to get it ready and done.  Headed out one morning with chicken treats...

... and doesn't it look like a good breakfast?  It was eggs, lettuce and green apple peels with a yogurt topping.  Almost tempted me.  ALMOST!  I also nuked the second half of the pumpkin I gave them a few days ago.  They had a hard (Ha!) time eating the raw pumpkin so I softened this half up.  They loved all of it.

Got the second half of the strawberry bed planted with kale and carrots.  I have a bunch of volunteer plants coming up there too but have no idea what they are. I'm going to let them grow awhile until I can tell what they might be.   At the 2-leaves-stage everything looks the same to this novice.

Two years ago this whirligig was found at our front gate.  I didn't order it, so I left it in the garage thinking I'd hear if it was a misdirected package.  Then, I wondered if I'd won it or something.  I'd hoped if someone sent it to us that they'd have contacted us to say... "hey, how'd you like the gift I sent you" and I'd know who it was from. None of that happened so I finally just got it out and put it up.  It catches the breezes nicely.

While putting the whirligig up, I noticed that the chickens were being destructive, again!  I should've known that they'd find the bubblewrap interesting, if not tasty.  So, more work was forced upon us and we needed another barrier.  

We constructed a temporary fence between the girls and the potatoes.  It'll last until we decide on a permanent solution.  The close end in above picture we just barricaded with bird netting as digging another fence into the hillside seemed too much work to do.  This area still seems the best place for the potato bins so we'll need something before next year.  

I hate to threaten cooking the hens again, but they are about to push me over my limits.

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