Thursday, June 29, 2017


We were going to have to head to the valley on Wednesday to pick up Steve's sister.  She's going to spend a month here.  Anyway, Tuesday, I headed out to top-off the plants with water and stock up the girl's food and water and generally get things ready for a day away from here.  

Last thing was to top off the blueberry bed.  NOT last thing after all.  See, I'd been lazy and hadn't remembered to cover them before the beetles arrived. Well, sitting there while the water soaked in, I see rust-colored-wings flitting around and they dared to head for my plants.  Yikes!  "They're HERE!"

I stopped counting at 26 that I smashed.  It was time to get Steve and fix this before we left and the plants were unprotected.

I pulled out the tulle, measuring tape and clothespins and he headed to the garage to get the leftover garden cloth.  We met up and the designing started.  

Just as the fabric cutting was to begin, the winds showed up.  Not helpful when trying to lay things flat.  

I stood on one end and he laid rocks on the other and we were able to get it cut.  Only a few bad words said, too.

Ok, so bed 1 looks wonky.  We tied the cloth at the bottom with parachute cord and used a lot of clothespins to close the bushes inside.  It's not pretty but it seemed to work.  About this time the clouds started moving in and another rain storm came through.  Ackkkk!

We grabbed everything and ran to the greenhouse to stay dry.  As we watched, this kooky bird (Bossie) walked out of the perfectly dry coop and stood in the rain... just craning her neck and looking around.  The water was running over her feet and soon she was soaked.  A clap of thunder sent her running... not to the dry coop, but under a bush.  Crazy bird.  
                                      (notice the absence of the other SMART hens)... 

We ended up being in the greenhouse for quite a while.  It looks like a lot of rain here, but I checked the rain gauge afterwards and all this water amounted to just one-fourth of an inch.  I do have to say that if you have a lot of work to do on a hot day, appreciate the rain when it comes and cools the place off.

We got back out and finished covering the beds.  Only had enough garden cloth for 3 of the beds so the last one is done in the tulle.  Stretched parachute cord between the wooden supports and it's holding everything up well.

Then it was time to check for beetles that got under the covers.  Here, we found the good, and bad, merits of both materials.

The white cloth made it extremely easy to see the beetles as they walked on the inside of the fabric.  I'd just un-clothespin that area, reach in and get the bugger and smash it.  Harder to do with the black tulle.  Couldn't really see them until we noticed them getting caught in the folds at the top.  Then, we'd just smack our hands together over them and smash them into the fold.  At least they're dead.  I'll clean the bodies out later.

Anyway, we were able to get down to the valley, have lunch with my mom, see the kids, visit Costco* and now I'm back up here with Ziva and all the food we bought while Steve brings Heidi up in a couple hours.

Checked the blueberry beds to see how they held up.  Still covered and saw no beetles inside the covers.  Yeah, the wonky one had collapsed on one side, but no openings for intruders found. 

Another homesteading triumph for us manic garden novices....

*“I have not received, nor expect to receive, any compensation for items mentioned in the blog that I like, or may suggest to the viewers.  The items are just something that works/worked for me.  The Irish Lady.”

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