Monday, June 26, 2017

Covering all the angles....

We have finished most of the hoops with the summer-weight cloth to keep bugs out.  Trying to be ready for the beetles that'll be coming.

Showing the hoops closed over the green beans, lettuce, spinach and beets. In the middle of this bed there is the square of zucchini which is just ringed in cloth with the top open. I'm hoping it fools the squirrels when they are looking to eat. I have to leave it open for pollinating of the zucchini.

The red kale is filling the beds and the girls are filling their bellies.  It's been a big hit.  Behind these plants (but not visible) are the dwarf blue kale plants. Much smaller but just as big a hit with the hens.

The strawberries in their bed.  They are producing but the fruit is tiny.  It IS the first of the berries so I'm holding judgement until I see if later fruit are bigger.

The inside of the green beans, spinach and beet bed.  I didn't know how the plants in all the beds would like being covered with cloth, but they all seemed to have had a surge in their growth.  Maybe the slight decrease in light lead to a decrease in heat.  Anyway, all the plants seem to be giving me the big thumbs-up.  

I've also backed off the daily watering and will do it every-other-day. The covers are making the water go further.

A close up of one bean plant.  Flowers are out so planning bean side-dishes.

The broccolis are getting some big heads so I may need to harvest some of them soon.  There are 14 broccoli plants so we will be freezing some, too. The girls are doing their part by eating the leaves of everything, but not parsley, thyme and tomatoes.  Wonder why they don't like them. 

This is a picture from afternoon yesterday.  Lots of thunder rumbling around and about 4:00 PM the rains came.  

Steve and I ran out to enjoy it but couldn't get Ziva to join us.  What is with this dog and water?  Doesn't she know that that is what Arizonans do?  We stand in the rain.  I guess it's a tradition because it's so rare.  

Anyway, had the BEST night and even needed a blanket... Woo Hoo!!...

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