Monday, June 19, 2017

Hell hath no fury... like an Arizona summer...

It's a good thing the post goes out today as we may be gone tomorrow.  We thought we'd escaped the summer temps of the valley, but it seems we were found.  And possibly baked.  

There may be no Arizona tomorrow, either. Predictions are for 121 on Tuesday and the possibility that we set a new record if it passes 122 degrees. Watch the news in case a fireball erupts and the Valley ceases to exist. 

Yeah, right!  Death Valley is hotter than that most of the summer and other countries hit higher temps and are still here.  But, it's a thought.

Anyway, we are on fire watch, in and out of the garden.  We've had 2 more forest fires near us since the last time I mentioned one and the heat is threatening to set my produce (and chickens) ablaze.  We get to see a flurry of helicopters overhead and a flurry of hens pecking at frozen fruit in ice cubes in the garden.  Had to step up the watering to keep the greens alive and just waiting for some rain.  And waiting.  And waiting.

The potatoes are growing like weeds, or like potatoes.  I've decided not to add anymore dirt and to let them go until they are ready for harvest.  They've needed more water too as the temps have risen.  Growing in raised bins has it's downfalls, but I still think it's going to be the way to go.

Steve added more dirt to the tree wells for the aspen.  They'd worn away over the years and the wells really need to hold water in this heat.  Now I can really soak them.

He also added the door knobs to the pantry and here he's sawing off the overly-long screws.  We had bought plastic covers for the screw posts to keep us safe from any pokes, but the screws still needed some shaving off.

Then, it was time to get everything from the old pantry, and extra stuff from the closet, into the new pantry.  I'm so glad I have my dining area back and everything out of sight.

Staged the top of the pantry with my metal chickens and some plants.  Still going to buy a few more shelves for the unit but what a joy it is.  We are so happy to be done with this.  

Took Steve out for Father's Day but I think he also deserves a dinner out for all this work...

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