Thursday, June 15, 2017

Soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs...

I am now to the point of gardening until noon.  Afterwards, it's so hot here that I find myself swaying and making no sense.  I can go back out after 6 PM when the sun's rays are only slightly making it through the tall pines.  It's making me anticipate July when the monsoon gets here.  Things cool off in the afternoons then.


Just as we thought the mama Junco was forever gone, she showed up twice. She went into the nest but didn't stay.  I think she's in mourning.  It made us decide to remove the nest and check on the eggs, as they should've hatched a while ago.  With daily temps close to 100, they wouldn't even make it if they did hatch.  The 160 degrees inside the greenhouse would make that impossible.

We opened the tomato planter and there were 5 eggs, not the 3 we could see.

Steve removed one and we opened it.  I think they "died" soon after being laid as the heat was so intense.  If they'd grown anything at all I would've been surprised.  After opening it... there was nothing.  Close to a slightly soft-boiled consistency.  No growth of anything, so they didn't make it far.  I hope mama goes on to many more families, but this was a sad end.

It was finally time to start harvesting the Red Russian kale that was put in for the girls.  It's frillier that I expected, but pretty at the same time.  Seems very fragile, too.

Put some into the morning treat and the girls seemed to love it.  A lot of pushing and shoving going on over the bowl.

The butterheads are ready for harvest.  I also expect to get the red romaine out over the next few weeks.  I love the lettuces when they come in, but no matter how hard I try to space them out over the summer, they all come in at once.  A frenzy of salads are about to come on.

This butterhead is the star of tonight's dinner salad.  Grilled chicken breast, lettuces, strawberries, pecans, green onions, carrots, dried cherries, broccoli, hard-boiled eggs, sunflower seeds and blue cheese dressing.  Yum!  Only the lettuce and eggs homegrown, but it's a start.  The dressing is my mom's recipe. So easy to make yet so good to eat.  I've made Steve a convert, too...

... not many other conversions from before marriage, but I'll take it...

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