Monday, June 12, 2017

♫"Somewhere over the rainbow"♫.... uh, dust devil...

We're battling 50-60 MPH winds up here and WOW!  I was going to ask Steve for a harness and some line to keep me from blowing away.  Yeah, I know I weigh more than those winds could actually blow AWAY and that's my heart-break, but the gusts would move me 5 feet.  It'd be a great story.  As a kid I had those dreams where I'd float up and skim trees and today I was being blown all over the garden.  Seemed a legit (albeit slim) fear... HA!

Not sure what's happened but we haven't seen the little Dark-eyed Junco mama for days.  The unhatched eggs are still in the tomato hanger.  We've had at least one day of 100.9 degrees in the garden so it must've been 160 in there.  I wonder if she was baked out of the greenhouse or if the heat killed the eggs and she knows it.  I'm going to watch for a few more days to see what happens but it seems to be a sad ending to this clutch.


We'd been out trying to work in the garden but the wind made some of our plans go by the wayside. We WERE going to get tulle and suncloth up but there's no way to hold onto it today.  I also kept getting caught on the new gate opening after we moved the fence and the wind made it especially scary today, so Steve realigned it for me.  Now I can get through without leaving some part of my clothing on the wire.

An aside on clothing for the garden... WEAR YOUR WORST CLOTHES!  I toggle between 3 tops that are faded, holey and ripped.  My pants aren't much better.  I don't retire anything until it's to the indecent stage.  I'm so out of touch with them that Steve sometimes has to mention when my stuff gets to indecent, even though it's just the 2 of us here.  I do "freshen up" when we have visitors and head back to holey afterwards.  It's about time to order some new tops as we'll have the grandkids here this summer and I must set a non-scary example.

Steve's putting duct tape on the tomato bed posts here so the tulle could go on and not rip right away.  This partly showed in the last post but this shows a bit more.

The tulle is on but today it's hardly staying put.  I have a bungee cord and a bunch of clothespins trying to help in the endeavor.  I think it's about time we buy stock in clothespin manufacturer's.  We may be single handedly keeping their profits up.

Our first strawberries have shown up, but they are small.  It's our first year with June bearing berries and I wonder how they'll produce.  This dream of mine is taking more work than I thought it would and I'll know this fall if I'm keeping them.

I'm inside now as I couldn't take another mouthful of blowing dirt.  I guess I can find something to clean inside before the guests come.  Not sure why, as the dust is also percolating through the windows and doors.  As they say...

... dust, it's what gives our home a warm, fuzzy feeling...

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