Thursday, July 6, 2017

Zip-pidy doo daa!....

We are halfway through the week with the grandkids.  It's been an adventure.  It would have to be one of the hottest times up here as getting them to go outside is only an early morning thing, or a late evening thing.

It's an early morning thing for me, too.  I head out to take care of the girls and the garden early and take several breaks under the shade tree.  I looked over and took this picture of the girls.  They come sit next to me while I'm in the shade but they are all panting to try and cool off.  They probably hate those feathers when it's this hot.

Grandpa finally put up the zip-line for the kids.  He's a little late, but we had to hang their chairs first.  That's a green one at the bottom of the picture.  

A grand-girl is watching him work from her chair.  They love swinging.

I took this pic while sitting in the truck with my foot on the brake.  The truck was being used for tension while Steve finished securing the line. Neighbor kids came over and there was a bunch of playing going on.  I'd say I caught a very active group of kids in mid-movement.

The girls even came out from under the tree to see what all the hubbub was.

I'm harvesting broccoli now.  Last week they were this size and now...

... they are this size.  It's hard to grasp from the pics, but this one is almost 12 inches across.  

A story here (the interest factor is up to you) about the number of plants I have.  I planted 14 plants.  I now have 20 plants.  How, you ask?  Dunno.  I have 6 that have come up in other areas of the garden.  Was it by birds, mix-ups in packets or latent seeds?  I didn't let any plants go to seed last year and they aren't even in the beds the broccoli was in last year.  AND how would birds have seeds to drop all over?  Curious and curiouser.  I'm taking this as a present from Mother Nature as I LOVE broccoli.  Now, if she'd sent extra zucchini I may have had to have a talk with her.

Getting ready to harvest beets, carrots, zucchini and green beans.  Been harvesting strawberries, lettuce and kale already.  I have tomatoes (small, but they count) on all three tomato plants so hoping this is a good sign.

Now, it's clouding up and cooling off so I'm off to supervise the zip-lining...  

... pray for no accidents.....

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